Last updated: August 28th, 2021

SchildiChat will be referenced in the later context as "the app".
"We", "us" and similar terms refer to the SchildiChat developer team.
"You", "the user" and similar terms refer to anybody using SchildiChat.

Understand how your data is used

The Matrix protocol is designed with your privacy and data sovereignty in mind. Because it is a decentralised, federated service with cryptographically-validated message integrity, there are a few important things to know before you use the Service.

This app can communicate with any matrix homeserver which supports the matrix specification by the homeserver. The user is free to choose the homeserver and has to accept the privacy policy of this homeserver before using it.


Services using the Matrix protocol rely on Matrix homeservers which share user data with the wider ecosystem over federation.


Some Matrix rooms are bridged to third-party services, such as IRC networks, twitter or email. When a room has been bridged, your messages and media may be copied onto the bridged service.

Integration Services (Bots and Widgets)

The homeserver the user is using may provide a range of integrations in the form of Widgets (web applications accessed as part of the Matrix Client webapp) and Bots (automated participants in rooms). Bots and Widgets have access to the messages and files in rooms in which they participate.

Forgetting your Data

The app developer has no control over the data stored on your homeserver. You may wish to request your homeserver operator to forget your data if you deactivate your account. Each user in a Matrix conversation receives their own copy of all messages and files in that conversation (similar to email), so the homeserver operator might ensure data is forgotten by ensuring that your data is not shared further and is not visible to future users – please refer to the privacy policy of your homeserver for details. In case you use the homeserver, you can find their privacy policy here.

If you remove (redact) a message, the message content will no longer be accessible to users. Redactions only remove message content, your display name and avatar – your username will still be visible. Federated homeservers and some matrix clients may not honour the redaction request.

Commitment to Children's Privacy

We never knowingly collect or maintain information in the app, through any of the Services provided, from those we know are under 16, and no part of the app is structured to attract anyone under 16. If you are under 16, please do not use the Service.